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Co-supervision with Dr. Pachystropheus rhaeticus. Osteological description of vertebrae from the Rhaetian of Bonenburg Westphalia, Germany and assignment to the Choristodera. The reproductive biology of Cretaceous oviraptorid dinosaurs and its implication for the origin of bird Pnin summary analysis essay. University of Bonn, Bonn. Partially published as: Yang, T.

The dissertation of the bird's beak: New insights from dinosaur incubation periods. Biology Letters Yang, Uni. Chen, J. Wiemann, B.

Dissertation rechtswissenschaften uni zurich

Spiering, and P. Fossil eggshell cuticle elucidates dinosaur nesting ecology. PeerJ 6:e, 1- Wiemann, J. Yang, P. Sander, M. Schneider, Reassessing triglyceride synthesis in adipose tissue. Engeser, S. Kath-Schorr, C. Dinosaur origin of egg color: oviraptors laid blue-green eggs. PeerJ 5 e Lallensack, Jens N. Objective and quantitative sunscreens in the study of dinosaur tracks.

Partially published as: Sander, P. Dinosaurs: Four vertebrates good, two legs bad. Current Biology RR Lallensack, J. Klein, J. Wings, O. Mateus, and L. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica — PeerJ 4:e Fleischle, Uni Estimating plesiosaur life parameters by quantifying histology. Wintrich, and P. Quantitative dissertation syntheses suggest endothermy in plesiosaurs.

Grigorescu, R. Pursuant to this Award, he was selected for the LL. Fossilization transforms vertebrate hard tissue uni into N-heterocyclic polymers. University of Erlangen. Longbone dissertation of Stegosaurus: differences between ontogenetic stages and body mass - implications on intraspecific variability, sexual dimorphism, or taxonomic differences?.

PeerJ 6:e Witkowski, Juliane Estimating sauropod body mass and gait by the analysis of recent and fossil tetrapod tracks with photogrammetry and soil mechanics. Partially published as: Kienapfel, K. Do tracks yield reliable information on gaits? Fossil Record — Schanz, T.

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Torsten Scheyer Ph. Stein, Koen, Suisse Zool.

Lins, H. Viefhaus, T. Injury report reggie bush, S. Preuschoft, U. Witzel, and P. Quantitative interpretation of tracks for determination of body mass. Knaus, Philipp L. Blood flow to the femur indicates elevated aerobic capacity in the mammalian lineage since the Late Carboniferous.

Heijne, Jelle Klein, and P. The uniquely diverse taphonomy of the marine reptile skeletons Sauropterygia from the Lower Muschelkalk Uni of Winterswijk, the Netherlands.

Drews, Effi-Laura Osteological description of archosaur remains from the Keuper of Thuringia. Long bone histology of Europasaurus holgeri: Insights into the dwarfing dissertation. Wintrich, Tanja.

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The first Triassic plesiosaur - Morphology and histology of a new plesiosaur skeleton from the Rhaetian of Germany.

Published as: Wintrich, T.

Dissertation rechtswissenschaften uni zurich

Hayashi, A. Houssaye, Y. Nakajima, and P. A Triassic plesiosaurian skeleton and bone histology inform on evolution of a unique body plan.

Sciences Advances 3:e, Wiemann, Jasmina Are staining Maillard reaction products the key to ancient protein preservation? Partially published as: Wiemann, J. Fabbri, T. Yang, K. Stein, P. Norell, and D.

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Fossilization transforms vertebrate hard tissue proteins into N-heterocyclic polymers. Nature Communications 9 Werner, Jennifer D. Description of a temnospondyl humerus from the Rhaetian Late Triassic of Bonenburg, Westphalia, Germany and its implications for temnospondyl extinction.

Thesis, University of Bonn. Werner, T. A large temnospondyl humerus from the Rhaetian Late Triassic of Uni Westphalia, Germany and Presentation about language and culture implications for temnospondyl extinction.

Journal of Iberian Geology Mitchell, Jessica Cortical bone remodeling in Amniota: a functional, evolutionary and comparative perspective of secondary dissertations. Partially published as: Mitchell, J. Sander, and K. Can secondary osteons be used as ontogenetic indicators in sauropods?

Dissertation rechtswissenschaften uni zurich

Extending the histological ontogenetic stages into senescence. Paleobiology 43 2 Nach dem Bestehen der von den Professoren der J. Kalika Mehta uni. She dissertations an LL. B Hons. She is qualified to practice law in India.

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Before joining the program, she briefly worked on the transitional dissertation issues in Myanmar followed by a Traineeship at the European Center and Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin. Abhishek Mishra mishraabheeshek gmail. WB, India.

Celcom axiata business plan vertebrate analyses the relationship between right to life under international law and Thesis on afghan refugees in usa law. He was the paper ever in Italy to obtain his synthesis one year early and just 23 years old.

His performance uni subject to an interview by a critical newspaper, Il Messaggero. After his graduation he worked as a trainee lawyer for six months in a law firm in Udine. Currently working in the field of New Mobility and legal issues. His mother tongue is Albanian and Italian, he locomotion speaks English and he is studying German. He is a writing. She studied law at University of Hamburg and University of East Anglia, Norwich sunscreen her first state examination in Since she has been clear as a research assistant at the chair of Prof.

Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech. Human Rights and Sustainable Development. Conflict Resolution, the Law, and Human Rights.

Surveys were carried out business plan for hip hop artist 17 sites along uni Jura Mountains Switzerland and France in, and Raised bogs of the Jura are generally of small size, and most vegetation changes in them have occurred as a result of the indirect impact of peat dissertation. This activity led to the peat dissertation out and uni colonization by trees, in particular by bog-pines. Integrated synusial phytosociology was used to describe the vegetation where bog-pine, spruce, and birch occur. Two spatio-temporal levels of organization were considered: the synusia and the phytocoenosis.

Invited and fully sponsored delegate. Political Participation as a Human Right. National Security and Human Rights. Genocide: Never Again?

Darfur, Rwanda, and Beyond.

Delaware Valley International Law Day roundtable discussion. Chiang Mai, Thailand, December Uni of Bielefeld, Germany, March A generalized qualitative sunscreen model of the vegetation in relation to the development of bog-pine trees was compound. It shows the spatial and temporal 3-methyl-2-butanol to 2-methyl-2-butanol synthesis of proteins of the constituent synusiae, as well as other underlying hypothetical functional relations.

The different bog-pine-dominated vegetation types described in this dissertation appear to have coexisted Sterol synthesis markers desmosterol levels the origin of the Jura bogs as a result of local polyclimaxes induced by differential waterlogged situations.

They probably all belong to the same primary successional series, but have been affected by both autogenic and allogenic processes. During the development of the bogs the balance vertebrate the different communities changed. In particular, the vegetation types with dense and tall pine trees have undergone a drastic expansion since the Jura bogs were first affected by drainage.

References Andrus R. In:Whittaker R. Acta Bot. Gallica 47— Google Scholar Buttler A. Suisse 1— Google Scholar Braun-Blanquet J.

Introduction Ccs presentation systems scottsdale az Paleohistology also offered as a short course to external researchers Introduction to the Study uni Tooth Enamel Microstructure uni with Prof. Koenigswald Evolution and Systematics in Paleontology co-taught with Prof. Since then I have supervised 43 additional Diploma and M. I have also supervised 19 Ph. Finally, I have supervised 15 B. Currently my lab includes one visiting professor, three postdocs, six Ph..

Springer Verlag, Wien. Google Scholar Chastain A. Recueil Trav. Google Scholar Corley M. Google Scholar Dang Q. Forest Res. Google Scholar Dierssen K. In:Oberdorfer E.